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Dr Luke is compassionate and his Chiropractic approach varies depending on what my back needs at the time. Some days it's a gentle adjustment, other days the subluxation is a bit more stubborn and Dr Luke seems to intuitively know just how much pressure to use. I love the fact that his office is a membership practice because I, like everyone else, need more than the meager once a month adjustment that my insurance would cover. I hope that God continues to bless him, his lovely staff and all his

Bob A.

I have always had a great experience with Dr. Luke. I'm convinced that a healthy spine=a healthy mind and body. I suggest you seek a consultation today...you won't regret it!

Paul G.

Dr Luke is thorough and patient. Very pleased with the results. And the monthly rate for his walk in clinic is quite reasonable for a couple like us.

John H.

I have a degenerative disc. Before I started going to see Dr. Luke at Live Proper Chiropractic I would often throw my back and be walking hunched over for a week or more at time. I have been standing up straight ever since I started going for regular adjustments. Highly recommend Dr. Luke and Live Proper Chiropractic!

Chad D.

Dr Luke is amazing. Can’t recommend enough!!

Zak C.

When I started with Dr. Luke I could barely move. I had severe headaches. I am now pain free and headache free ....now go to see him for maintenance. He and his team make you feel comfortable! I have recommended Dr. Luke and will continue to do so! Thank you Dr. Luke

Chris I.

Hi everyone, been going to Luke at Live Proper for a while now...go every week to stay "straight." Can't recommend him enough!!

Melanie D.

Dr. Luke and his staff are the best! Prior to Live Proper Chiropractic I was hesistant to allow someone to adjust my back or neck and never considered the importance of nervous system care. Dr. Luke is extremely knowledgeable and weekly adjustments have reduced how often I get sick and injured. 5 stars for both great chiropractic care and the overall friendly and caring atmosphere that is extended to all patients of this practice.

Ben Y.

I've been seeing Dr. Luke for about 6 years now and I've never felt this good before! Even my overall health has improved, do yourself a favor and join his membership program! Take your whole family Dr. Luke and his staff will take great care of you.

Joe Y.

From the time I was 4 years old until the time I met Dr. Luke it was thought that I had an instep. I destroyed a lot of shoes when I was young. I wore special shoes attempting to fix my instep. I was later told the pain in my knees were from arthritis. On my first visit to Dr. Luke he explained that I did not have an instep or arthritis in my knees. Dr. Luke said I had a hip displacement. He put me back into place that day. Within three days I had no more pain in my knees and no instep. Thanks f

Kevin R.

Dr. Luke is very family oriented. He’s truly there to help everyone in the house be as healthy as possible. With the stress of the long hours my wife and I work and the physical demands of both our jobs it’s very helpful to get a weekly adjustment, I always wake up feeling refreshed the next day. He has very fair pricing and understands fully the value of your time.

Jesse G.

I love that I can visit Dr Luke as often as I want to. I never NEED an adjustment because I stay adjusted.

Karen J.

I was welcomed by a friendly voice and a smiling face as I entered the busy office. Every interaction with the office staff felt genuine and positive. Dr. Luke listened carefully to what was happening with me and then physically evaluated. He made several small and larger adjustments that felt great. I left the office with significantly reduced pain. Looking forward to future visits. Highly recommend.

Daniel L.

Live Proper Chiropractic with Dr. Luke Pinatello and amazing staff allows me to make informed decisions about my healthcare. I'm able to make an appointment that is convenient to me instead of hoping there's an opening as in a traditional doctor's office. The waiting area and treatment rooms have always been cleaned before, during, and after my session. I have absolutely no concerns about exposure to any virus, etc. Dr. Luke and staff genuinely care about each patient. We decide on a cours

Nadeen M.

Great professional service. The office hours make it very convenient to stop in after work for an adjustment. Most of my visits have been a zero wait time, and if there is a wait, it’s incredibly short. I am an Owner/Operator of a home remodeling company during the day and an ultra runner as a hobby, so taking care of my body is a high priority to keep performing. I always leave Dr. Luke’s office feeling great.

David M.

My mother loves it here! Dr.Luke and Gianna are positive, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, and accommodating.

Bill A.

Dr Luke is the absolute best. Went in with a raging migraine. Walked out with tremendous relief. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.

Judi M.

A different approach to Chiropractic is offered here, with the emphasis on wellness and consistent care. Dr. Luke's approach to both is innovative, skilled, and professional. Proper chiropractic care is an important part of taking care of health and well-being, and that is what Live Proper Chiropractic offers. And a nice side note- the ambiance of the office is friendly and professional.

Sue M.

Just walking into the office at Live Proper Health is a uplifting, everybody is positive and friendly. Dr. Luke has helped me live a better quality, pain free life. I suffered from head aches and back issues for years, the regular adjustments have helped tremendously! I love the convenience of being able to pop in and rarely have to wait. The monthly membership keeps it affordable, we have a family membership. My husband and three children are members as well, it would be much more if I

Michelle M.

Always a great experience. Friendly and professional. I feel wonderful!

Deb M.

My experience has been great I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Many complaints & the Doc just fixes them all. Many cost saving plans that make weekly visits affordable. I've seen a lot of improvement even though I've missed some visits. (Dr Luke doesn't nag). I can't recommend the services at "Live Proper ” enough.

Jane W,

Very professional. Very knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to have found an office that is so kind and caring. I can certainly see a big difference in my physical ability since my first visit.

Connie T.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Luke. After two back surgery’s I wasn’t sure if the chiropractic route would be right for me. It has changed my life. I look forward to my weekly adjustments and feel better than I have in years. I recommend him to all my friends and family! Trust me on this! It’s a life changer. 😊

Tara C.

I love the chiropractic care that I get from Dr. Luke- and the way your office is managed- and your office manager. The care you provide on all counts is excellent.

Sue M.

WOW! My word to describe Dr. Luke W… Wonderful for the care provided. O… Open to unlimited visits for the body is not on a schedule. W…Wise to make his passion of great care and health a reality for all. Happy Patient!


Dr. Luke is not only a great chiropractor but has a wealth of knowledge about maintaining a healthy body with the benefits of chiropractic care. I highly recommend Dr. Luke, as my experiences have been very positive with great results.

Bob M.

Chiropractic has helped my family remain subluxation free from the daily stresses such as work, sports, etc. Thank you, Dr. Luke.

Dawn B.

I currently work two laborer jobs where I used to constantly "pull" my back. Since coming to see Dr. Luke I haven’t pulled my back once. I have never felt this fantastic on and off work. He truly works miracles!

Angelo D.

When we first met Dr. Luke, my husband was barely able to walk due to back pain. After working with Dr. Luke for a week and a half, he had my husband feeling better than before he injured himself. The customer service that Dr. Luke and his staff provide is highly personalized. Not only does Dr. Luke have great bedside manners, he is also very encouraging and makes the science behind chiropractic very easy to understand. As for myself, I've been fortunate enough to have never experienced back pai

Joe & Monica

As a fitness & wellness professional and in personal experience as a marathon runner, I recognize the value of not limiting life with aches, pains and other annoyances. Not only do they prevent you from doing what you love. They also impact your attitude, your sleep patterns, and your life! Since I joined Live Proper Chiropractic, I have improved as a runner. I can pursue all the activists that I enjoy. With adjustments from Dr Luke, I know my body is always ready for the next adventure!

Donna A.

Chiropractic has helped me have a much better attitude. I love the way I feel when I leave the office. I believe in myself once again. What a great team. Thank you!


In 30 years of Chiropractic care I never had such great care. Such an education of great methods and ideas. The results of my visits last much longer than hours. He is so subtle in his approach. I’m much better since I’ve been here. The office brims with the love of life!

Bruce D.

With Dr. Luke's support I am now working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


I would like to share with you the high level of satisfaction I am experiencing with Dr Luke. For about 3 months I had constant hip pain and was using a cane to get around for awhile. By following Dr Luke's suggestions and adjustments for about two months I was very close to pain free and no more cane. Thanks for keeping me adjusted to live a much more productive life style. Not only is the staff highly professional but they also treated me with the loving care one might expect from family.


I have been a proud member of Live Proper Chiropractic for the last 4 years and am very satisfied. So much so that I have both of my children coming here as well. Dr. Luke always takes the time to ask the right questions and give his expert recommendations. Very happy to be a member :)

Christine D.

3-4 years ago I started having extreme pain around my shoulder, back and neck. I was diagnosed with calcified tendentious in my shoulder. I went to physical therapy for about a year, during that time I had two cortisone shots, and had no change in the level of pain I endured everyday. I thought I was a lost cause. I am an avid athlete and just prior to finding Dr. Luke I had completed my first triathlon. I knew that if I wanted to continue to participate in triathlons that I had to find somethin

Aimee R.

We never miss a weekly visit with Dr. Luke! Regular visits help us feel great and our active lifestyle requires a little “extra” to get us back to optimal form and Dr. Luke always makes it happen. We can’t recommend him enough!

Shannon T.

Met Dr. Luke shortly after moving here 3 years ago and as many have heard me say “I would fear moving away!” I have an RN degree and have been to many Chiropractors, but none better than Dr. Luke. I believe strongly in Chiropractic care. Just a few weeks back thought I was heading over to get a script for symptoms of sinus infection but before always a stop at Dr. Luke’s! Walked IN A HOT MESS, walked OUT….Headache gone, no face pain, jaw feeling better, neck loosened up out I went. My bo

Cyndee M.

Chiropractic care is a lifestyle just like staying fit and maintaining proper hygiene. If we use chiropractic care consistently, we begin to feel better and quite frankly, live better. Since visiting Dr. Luke on a regular basis I have seen vast improvements in my life. I have been sick less and feel aches and pains less frequently. When they do occur, the sickness or pain is not as long and very short lived due to Chiropractic foundation I have instilled in my life. So I use the analogy of brush

Paul G.

I just love all the work that Dr Luke does. He works wonders. I love that he offers commuter hours which work fabulous with my work hours. It’s not like any regular doctors office; he makes everyone feel like family. This works great with kids also. Keep up all the fabulous work Dr Luke.

Cindy M.

Nine years ago I started learning about chiropractic care. I loved the concept, believing myself in the powerful healing potential in a touch. Five years ago I lost a really good job and with it my health insurance. Live Proper Chiropractic has kept me healthy through years of unemployment and zero health insurance. Chiropractic kept me healthy while I cared for my late husband during his bout with cancer. I rely more on my chiropractor for health maintenance than on any doctor.

Brenna E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Luke’s for roughly two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. As many of us do, I suffered from back and joint pain for many years. Since becoming a patient at LPC I have experienced a significant decrease in my discomfort along with better flexibility and a feeling of overall wellness. One of the main driving forces to my participation has been the nature of the membership practice. I work a normal 9-5 schedule and I am the father of 2 young children.

Brian H.

How easy it to say ALL Chiropractors are the same???? Well that is what most consumers do they compare one chiropractor to another by saying he/she did me no good "went 10 times and nothing happened" Well I was one of those people until I met Dr. Luke Pinatello and he EDUCATED me on the differences and how he approaches chiropractic care. Focusing on the cause and then working to permanently fix the cause can and will fix more problems and issues you have then you can possibly imagine. I woul

Dan L.

For years I have struggled with severe back pain and shoulder pain. I have had surgeries on my back multiple times, I have been out of work at times due to my pains, and after my last surgical consult I was told I would never be able to swing a golf club again. Now, I am not a professional athlete, but no golf? I wasn’t going to allow this pain to control my life. I began to research all my options in hopes I would find someone who could help me. I was referred to Dr. Luke and have not looked

Vik M.

I am closing in on 2 years with Dr. Luke’s expertise in the Chiropractic field is second to none as is his passion for his patients well being. Dr. Luke has turned my body’s clock back to a time when I felt young, strong and flexible. I’d say the importance of Chiropractic care under Dr. Luke ranks right up there with oxygen

David T.

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Luke for about two years. He is an amazing Chiropractor. He understands exactly how the body works. Any time any of us has a problem, he is great at fixing it and giving advice on how to recover at home!

Stacy B.

I Just celebrated my first year with Dr. Luke and I could not be any happier or healthier! He is truly passionate, caring and so dedicated to his patients health and well being. Oh, and I drive from CT every week to see him, it really is that important to me. Thanks Dr. Luke! :)

Valeen T.

Thank you for the wonderful adjustment today Dr. Luke, that pain I had in my right shoulder is GONE!! WOOHOO You are the BEST!!!


I've been going to a chiropractor for years and Dr Luke was the first to really explain what he does and why. I've been going every week for about 6 months and have never felt better. He's changed my quality of life.


It is the best thing you can do for your body.


My neck and back pain was pretty unbearable. I was originally hesitant to try chiropractic care, but I went to Dr. Luke and within a few visits I was already feeling better! Not only has my back condition improved, but with Dr. Luke's guidance I have also begun living a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Dr. Luke!


Dr. Luke uses his passion for healing in order to make permanent changes in the lives of others.


Dr. Luke has done great things for my back. My back was in bad shape but after a few weeks working with Dr. Luke my back feels so much better!


I highly recommend Dr. Luke as he is professional but has such a personal touch. Caring and knowing all wrapped in one.


Dr. Luke has done a wonderful job keeping my tired old joints limber and working properly. And he is a very nice guy, total professional!!!


I have found Dr. Luke to be accelerated in his professional field of chiropractic care and coaching of a better and healthier life.


Dr. Luke is simply the best in his field. The day I walked in the doors of his health center, my life changed for the better


I have been a patient of Dr. Luke's since December and he is responsible for my overall health improvement. Dr. Luke has helped my sons with sports injuries and taught them the habits of health, he is responsible for my drastic health improvement. Anyone looking to get healthy should look no further than the Live Proper Chiropractic. Thanks to Dr. Luke and his staff.


I have seen in total 3 different chiropractors and Dr. Luke is by far my favorite. He is gentle, knowledgeable, and takes the time to explain everything he does in his treatment practices. Dr. Luke's office is clean and comfortable and his staff is great as well!


Dr. Pinatello provides heart felt, professional service and advice, I travel to see him! Wonderful staff, clean & professional facilities!



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